We build Ponds, Lakes & Water Gardens

With sensitive understanding of how water sits in and enhances the landscape

With forty years experience and expertise in the design and construction of aquatic ecosystems

And above all ...

With passion and creative flair

Ponds, Lakes & Water Gardens

Personalised, accomplished, dedicated and specialist pond construction and "water gardening" services for discerning private clients in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.


Ponds  Lakes & Large Ponds  Water Gardens
Design  Construction  Maintenance  Repair & Restoration  Planting
Silt removal  Filtration  Landscapes & Structures Attendant on Water  Streams  Bespoke Water Features
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We build Ponds, Lakes and Water Gardens in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire

Our pond construction, maintenance and planting teams routinely operate in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire in an area bounded by around fifty minutes travelling time from our base at Hindhead GU26 and almost never inside the M25 orbital motorway.

An intriguing, historically interesting or challenging project may tempt us further afield!

Nationwide Consultancy

Tap into our specialist expertise for any (or all) of your pond, lake or water garden project by using us as

Designers  or  Consultants