Ponds, Lakes & Water Gardens

working with water in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire since 1980

Large pond & Lake builders since 1980
in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire

We build lakes and large ponds but we are not just builders of of lakes and large ponds; we bring a wealth of experience throughout the project from initial concept to design and from planting to enhancements such as boathouses or jetties.

Apart from the constructional skills required to create a serviceable and long lasting result, we have an an ability (shared by few others it seems) to create an environmentally sound feature that sits well in the landscape. A place that one wants to be in.

Large ponds and lakes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes of course but, more often than not, we are contacted by those considering making a wildlife friendly feature; a natural looking lake rich in plant life both in and around the lake to offer opportunities for colonisation by indigenous wildlife.

We also create Japanese style large ponds and natural looking large ponds for Koi carp along with design and installation of "heavy duty" filtration systems and other appurtenances required to complete the picture for these larger bodies of water and the demands created by Koi carp.

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Building lakes and large ponds in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire

Our construction, maintenance, planting and repair teams operate in an area limited by about 60 minutes travel time from Hindhead (postcode GU26).

Occasionally we are tempted further afield by an unusual or intriguing project.