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working with water in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire since 1980

Water garden builder
since 1980

We build water gardens in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire.

Water garden construction
Water garden design
Water garden repair and restoration
Water garden maintenance
Water garden planting

Building water gardens in Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire

Our construction, maintenance, planting, repair and restoration teams operate in an area limited by about 60 minutes travel time from Hindhead (postcode GU26).

Occasionally we are tempted further afield by an unusual or intriguing project. We do not work in central London.

Search for the individual elements that make up a water garden

Elements of work in and around water gardens can include:

Watercourses, Bespoke Water Features, Landscapes Attendant on Water, Streams, Filtration, Silt Removal, Jetties, Bridges, Rills, Waterfalls, Cascades, Fountains, Islands, Statuary, Rock and stone, Boathouses, Planting, Plant Management, Bog Gardens, Boardwalks, Banks and Rims, Clean Out, Seasonal Set-up and Servicing, Water Quality Management, Feature Rock, Pumps and Pumping, Liners and Lining, Leak tracing and repair.